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   Our family-owned and operated business has always been on top of industry changes, and we've never lost our touch with the good old-fashioned customer service that made us a great insurance company when we began so many years ago. 

Established in 1969 by Roy Lewis, our company has been providing personalized customer service and insurance for Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, and all of Southern Ontario for the last forty years.

We know that our customers feel most secure when they really understand what they’re getting from their insurance company and coverage. That's why we work hard to be friendly, easy to talk to, and helpful on the job. 

Our customers never have to deal with being shuffled to voicemail or the harsh realization that their insurance agent thinks they're just a policy number, not a real person. 

We value our customers immensely, and we want them to feel at home with us.

While our service values may be old-fashioned, our knowledge of the industry is up-to-the-minute. We keep on top of policies for over 10 insurance companies, and we do all of the legwork of price and coverage comparison for our customers. 

The lowest rate and the best coverage with no hassle and a personal touch – that’s how our customers know they have an insurance company that really works for them. 

Old-fashioned customer values. Cutting-edge insurance knowledge. At Roy Lewis, we like to think we’re the best of both worlds. 

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